History of Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS)


Like with many developing countries on the planet, Singapore has its fair share of rich basketball history. The Basketball Association of Singapore has laid the first stone of solid work that makes basketball in the country the sports giant that it is today.

The significance of basketball in Singapore

Basketball in Singapore is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by many people from all walks of life. Some Singaporeans even take to the sport seriously, with more than ten thousand registered players in the country's national basketball league.

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The significance of basketball to Singapore is clear; the country has long been known to be a technological forward in comparison to other countries in the world, and one of the best avenues to develop the skills necessary for international competitiveness.

What is BAS?

BAS or the Basketball Association of Singapore is Singapore’s governing body of basketball. BAS is recognized by the Singapore National Olympic Council or SNOC, and the SportsSG for promoting basketball in the country.

The Basketball Association of Singapore works very closely with SNOC, SportsSG, the International Basketball Federation, school universities, the media, and other major stakeholders including the basketball fraternity to develop a well-established basketball presence in the country.


“To develop basketball as the team sport of choice in terms of participation, public interest and sports excellence.”


“To increase participation at all levels, to develop the game to a competitive elite sport, and to rejuvenate interests and contribute to the pride and economy of our nation.”


The rich history of the Basketball Association of Singapore

It was the year 1925 when Singapore lay the foundations of getting the local’s participation and complete interest in basketball involving major schools. But it wasn’t until 1934 when the Singapore Basketball & Volleyball Association was fully established.

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From that point forward, steady development of the sport followed which culminated in the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore with their basketball championship. This has been the first notable exposure of Singapore to basketball.

Five years later, the Chinese Sports Improvement Council decided to replace the Singapore Basketball & Volleyball Association because they wanted to shift their focus mainly on basketball. It was the first instance of BAS according to the Council.

The ups and downs

The rich history of the sport in Singapore isn’t without its struggle. When World War II broke out in 1942, it had severely affected the popularity of basketball in the nation. There were efforts to bring and revive basketball, and fortunately, they succeeded.

Several schools including primary schools have started participating in the Singapore Amateur Basketball Association or SABA in the 1960s. SABA became a member of the Asian Basketball Association to promote a consistent presence of the sport in the region.

It was in 1967 when SABA was renamed the Basketball Association of Singapore. The Minister of Culture at the time, Mr. Jek Yeun Thong, was also the chairman of the association. He started training referees to heighten up the standards of the sport which led Singapore to have several globally-known referees.

Over the years, BAS made some notable contributions in the country’s field of sports such as scaling up the athletic competition the Merlion International Invitation Competition. Countries such as the USA, China, Germany, Spain, and USSR are amongst the many that compete.

The last piece of Singapore’s history that is also worth mentioning is the introduction of the first Asian Women’s Basketball Championship back in 1990. It was a fair contribution that sent the country into the limelight.

The National Basketball League

It’s a bit hard to talk about the Basketball Association of Singapore without mentioning the National Basketball League or NBL. NBL is a basketball league founded by BAS which includes both Men’s and Women’s divisions.

Some of the most notable basketball clubs are the Siglap Basketball Club, SG Basketball, Xin Hua Sports Club, Hillcrest Grays, and Jumpshot. These are the clubs that you’ll often stumble upon in a Singapore online casino as well.